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How-to Clean: Boat Cleaning Basis

Updated on October 28th, 2020

Boats are fun and interesting and one can spend hours on one having a good time. However to keep a boat working and sailing smoothly you would need to spend time and attention taking care of it. One of the important maintenance aspects taking care of your boat involves keeping it clean. The cleaner your boat the more beautiful and appealing it looks and the longer it would last.

To clean a boat you would need materials such as soft rags, chamois, green soap or boat soap, scrub brush, boat cleaning pole, sponge, sunscreen among others. To effectively clean a boat it is necessary to know the parts of the boats and the material used. Different materials require different type of cleaning solutions. For example, most parts of the boat are usually made with fiberglass and so would need cleaning solutions that would not ruin the fiberglass. The same would go for areas made with wood; the solution to be used should be friendly with the composition material.

To begin actual cleaning the entire boat should be hosed down with clean water to rinse off the boat. Rinsing will remove all surface dirt and make it easier to clean the boat. Next you should take a bucket of water, a sponge and soap to begin washing the boat. You could use a soft bristled brush and should start from the top working your way downwards. A hard brush can only be used on the grainy surfaces.

Rinsing the soapy water off the boat should be immediate. After rinsing, the boat should be dried using the chamois. Drying should be done thoroughly so as to prevent dirt streaks from appearing on the boat's surface. The top glass off the boat should be cleaned with soapy water and then rinsed, and dried with a squeegee. Next is to apply a coat of Rain-Ex using a damp cloth all over the boat surface. A soft cloth can be used to mop up any extra residue.

The vinyl part of the boat can be cleaned by spraying Simple Green solutions and scrubbing. The brush to be used should have medium bristles. For the best effect, do not dry off immediately but allow to stay on the surface of the vinyl for awhile before rinsing. At this stage you should check the boat surface for dirt marks that the soap did not remove. Scuff marks can be removed using any compound solution that your local marine store prescribes. A damp cloth can be used to rub the substance hard on the marks to remove them.

After the boat has been cleaned and dried, it is necessary to use a damp cheese cloth to wax the boat. The boat should stay on the surface for a while before you buss using a soft dry cloth. The parts of the boat made with stainless steel should be polished with wax and then dried. The waterline should be cleaned using a brush with medium bristles. Seaweed, mold or any growth should be removed.

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